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Issue No. 006

April 2010

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In This Issue...

1. Where Do These Songs Come From?
Being In The Zone

2. The Songwriting Contest
Enter a contest just for fun!

3. Inspired Quote of the Month
A little shot of inspiration to keep you going through those tough times!

Where Do These Songs Come From?

Being In The Zone

What is this thing called inspiration? Where do ideas come from?

Sometimes a new song can take weeks, even months to write. Then there's that song - that great song - that took all of five minutes! You swear it practically wrote itself. How can that be? Where did it come from?

Some will say the song always existed and we merely channeled it. I don't know about that, but I do know I write my best stuff when I'm in "The Zone."

What is The Zone?

When I talk about The Zone I'm referring to that place where ideas flow smoothly and easily. You've been there when you're "on a roll." When the clock says it's been hours, yet it seems like minutes.

When doing anything creative, The Zone is where you want to be. That's where the magic is!

Getting in The Zone

How do you go about getting in The Zone? It could be doing something as simple as going for a walk, reading, or writing down your secret innermost thoughts.

One of the ways that works best for me is to play my guitar for a while. I find if I play around with some new ideas I can get in The Zone pretty quickly. Especially if I have a nice tone!

However you go about it, it's important you take steps to ensure that once you're there, you stay there.

One thing's for sure: When in The Zone I must not be disturbed. No distractions! No interruptions! Nothing kills my creativity like the phone ringing, so I turn the intrusive thing off.

If family members are home I tell them I'm going to write for a while. Then I go into another room and shut the door.

For the sake of your art, you must do the same. It won't always be a popular decision. There may occasionally be arguments! Breakups!

But it's so worth it!

For me, being in The Zone is the most magical part of being a writer. Ahhh, The Zone!

The Songwriting Contest

Enter a contest just for fun!

If you've never entered one of your songs in a songwriting contest, I urge you to do so immediately! Not only is it a great way to get your music out there, but it's a fun thing to do.

Songwriting is often serious business, so I think it's important to find ways to keep things light and fun for the sake of creativity.

The songwriting competition is one of those ways. Kind of like Open Mic Night, but without the nervous jitters!

Sure, most contests require a fee to enter, usually between $10 and $30 depending upon the organisation. But if you enter two or three per year, that's totally doable.

And let's not forget the potential payoff: Almost all offer cash prizes, free studio time and publishing deals! Even a consolation prize of a free song critique by a major song publisher would give a significant boost to your songwriting swagger!

So don't delay! Go ahead and put your best song forward. Here are a few song contests to check out:

Songwriting Contests

Inspired Quote Of The Month

"I don't write the songs; I just write 'em down."

- Bob Dylan

That's it for this issue of Inspired Song Alerts. Thanks for reading. If you liked what you read, please recommend it to your friends! They can sign up here.

Until next time, happy writing!

All the best,
Richie Gilbert

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