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Inspired Song Alerts, Issue #018 -- Selling Songs with Music Licensing
August 05, 2012

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Issue No. 018

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Selling Songs with Music Licensing
Where to send your latest song

Recommended Reading
Professional Songwriting Secrets

Inspired Quote of the Month
A little shot of inspiration to keep you going through those dry spells!

Your Ideas for Song Submission
Do you have an idea or tip for pitching your new song?

Selling Songs with Music Licensing

Looking for ways to start selling songs? You want to make money with your music, right? Most songwriters want to make money with their music, but it's rare for a songwriter to sell a song outright. Instead, a writer will license the song to a person or entity for various uses for an agreed-upon amount of time, while still retaining ownership of the song.

This is known as music licensing, and it’s all around us. The music that we hear when we watch TV, turn on the radio, or sit down in our favourite restaurant, has all been licensed.

Copyright Creation

The process begins with copyright creation, and this occurs the moment a song is written. More precisely, a song is protected by copyright the moment it becomes fixed in a tangible medium of expression.

This means it could be recorded on a computer program, cassette tape, or even simply written down on paper. The moment you do this, copyright protection exists for your new song.

You don’t have to register a song with the Copyright Office in order to own the copyright; this is merely a formality. However, should you ever need to defend your rights in a court of law, your song must first be registered.

Opportunities for Selling Songs

Now that you have a new song and you know the copyright belongs to you, where do you send it? There are a variety of places to send your songs; it all depends on…

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Recommended Reading

Professional Songwriting Secrets

I believe a very important step for the beginner is to invest in your craft. Buy a songwriting program or two, read as much as you can about the songwriting process, listen to interviews with professional songwriters, and practice the advice they all give you.

One such program I heartily recommend is Professional Songwriting Secrets. This program is chock full of tips and ideas to jumpstart the songwriting process, and keep you writing.

You’ll learn about all aspects of songwriting, from transferring what you’re thinking into your lyrics, to creating killer hooks, to building your songs so they convey a sense of motion and direction.

I think the best thing about this particular program is that it’s in audio format so you can put it on your iPod, mp3 player, or burn it to CD, and listen to it wherever you want. Learn more about it here

Inspired Quote Of The Month

“I wish I were one of those people who wrote songs quickly. But I’m not. So it takes me a great deal of time to find out what the song is. I am working most of the time.” - Leonard Cohen

Your Ideas for Song Submission

Do you have an idea or tip for pitching your new song? Write about it here to share it with visitors to We’d love to read all about it!

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