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Issue No. 003

October 1, 2009

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In This Issue...

I decided to offer only one article this month. It's an important subject, and I believe it deserves its own space.

I've still included the Inspired Quote of the Month because I think it's cool!

1. Writing Songs from the Heart
Why do you write songs?

2. Inspired Quote of the Month
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Writing Songs from the Heart

Why do you write songs?

Because you love writing songs? Or are you in it for the money? The money that will come from writing a hit song?

I ask this question because I recently had an epiphany.

The Ugly Truth

I took a long, hard look at some of my most recent songs and I realised I don't like many of them! I picked a song at random and I asked myself, "If this song wasn't mine and I heard it on the radio, would I like it? Would I even listen to it?"

I was shocked to discover the answer was no.

I asked the question, "If I was forced to listen, what would I think? How would I rate this song?"

The answer was, "The song is well written. The lyrics paint a vivid picture, and I understand the story. Catchy melody, was able to hum along by the second chorus."

"Would I listen to this song a second time?"


I was flabbergasted! Why wouldn't I listen to this song a second time?

Writing for Them

I realised it was because the song didn't do anything for me. Although I applied all the 'rules' of good songwriting, it was shallow and meaningless.

It wasn't written from the heart. It's all icing and no cake.

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I fell into the trap of writing for somebody else. A faceless entity that, in my mind, represents the music publishing industry.

I began writing stuff I thought 'they' wanted to hear. This doesn't work, for several reasons:

1. I don't think 'they' know what they want to hear until they hear it.
2. How can I know what they want to hear (if they don't)?
3. If the song doesn't float my boat, how can it possibly float theirs?

Sure, a publisher may tell you they want to hear an uptempo Alternative Rock song, a la Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

If you submit a song like that, it may not sound close enough to their example or it may sound too much like it!

I have received both responses. (Not for "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but I have done a couple of sound-alike songs.)

A great song should not be merely a sound-alike. It has to have something special about it, whatever that may be. That's what they want to hear! (Even in a sound-alike song.)

Writing for Me

Thankfully, I didn't waste too much time writing what I thought others thought I should be writing. (Well, the better part of a year.) And I did get some decent songs out of it.

But now I'm writing for me again. It's much more gratifying!

I still apply all the 'rules' of good songwriting. But I make sure there's plenty of cake to begin with. I make sure I like it.

After all, if I like what I've written, others are bound to as well. It's just a matter of time...

Inspired Quote Of The Month

"My discussion with Keith Richards about the creative process led me to believe that there's an invisible presence of a stream of ever-flowing creativity that we overhear; all you have to do is pull up the antenna and dial it in. This presence allows you to maintain your sense of origin and move forward."

- Billy F. Gibbons - guitarist for ZZ-Top

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Until next time, happy writing!

All the best,
Richie Gilbert

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