Free Songwriting Tips
for the Beginner Songwriter

Check out these free songwriting tips you can use today to help you write better songs. You don't really have to be a beginner songwriter to benefit from them.

1. Write from the heart.

When you write about something close to your heart, it shows. There's a passion there that is hard to fake.

Of course, all good songwriting "rules" apply. You want to write a catchy melody, and make your lyrics as visual and conversational as possible.

Just don't be afraid to bare your soul. That's what your listeners want.

2. Write shorter songs.

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Many beginner songwriters make the mistake of trying to put a ten-verse poem to music.

Generally this doesn't work. The song turns out bloated and runs the risk of putting the listener to sleep.

I know there are exceptions.

Don McLean's great anthem "American Pie" comes to mind. (But there are not many others that do.)

Rather than trying to fit all that information into one song, how about writing two or three shorter songs?

Check out Green Day's "Jesus Of Suburbia."

They took a broad theme (disillusioned youth), and turned it into several short, related songs. The cool thing is, these songs can stand alone when taken out of the whole.

3. Trust your gut.

This is one of those free songwriting tips that is priceless. Learn to trust your own feelings.

Has this happened to you?

You get a really great idea for a song, and you're really excited about it. Then after a while you begin to doubt and second-guess yourself.

The analytical mind kicks in and starts telling you that maybe your idea isn't that great after all. In fact, sharing this idea might be downright embarrassing!

Shut that voice up!

So many great songs would never have been written if the writers hadn't learned to separate the writer from the critic.

4. Write words and phrases you would use in everyday conversation. 

The best songs are usually ones that seem to speak directly to you, the listener. Like a close friend confiding in you, the lyrics reach right into your soul.

Try to avoid words and phrases you would never use when speaking. Lyrics like this tend to come out sounding distant.

Instead, write like you talk.

You can still be clever with rhyme and pictures. Just try to keep them conversational.

5. Relax!

Relax and have fun. Making music isn't supposed to be stressful. It's supposed to be enjoyable.

Lighten up and take it easy! This is one of those free songwriting tips the beginner songwriter should take to heart.

When you're relaxed and having fun it's so much easier to write a good song. Just like anything else in life.

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