Freewriting Can Be an Effective Cure for Writers Block

If you're suffering from writers block, a method called freewriting can get you started again.

It's a simple and popular practice used by writers to clear away the clutter in their heads, and to collect ideas of what to write about.

I use it almost every time I start a new song, and it's the best cure for writer's block I've found.

To begin, simply start writing. Write down anything that pops into your head. Don't stop to think or even to look at what you've written. Not yet.

If you can't think of anything to write, then write "I can't think of anything to write." Just keep the pen moving, and when another train of thought comes along jump on and write about that!

If you feel silly or uncomfortable ask yourself why, then write your answer and carry on.

Don't worry about spelling or grammar. It doesn't have to look nice. Nobody's going to see it but you. What's important is the act of freewriting.

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You can set a timer for ten or fifteen minutes, and write continuously until time's up.

Then stop and look at what you've written.

Much of it will be nonsense, but you will likely find something you can use.

I regularly discover new ideas this way.

Scattered throughout what I've written, I find song titles and even ideas for complete lines I can turn into verses, bridges and choruses.

Quite often it is emotional stuff that may be hiding inside me, waiting to come out.

I go through a lot of paper looking for those little gems. In fact, I have a stack of notebooks that are filled with stream-of-consciousness writing.

Sometimes I go back and look through them and I am always surprised by what I find.

It's almost like keeping a diary. I can see the frame of mind I was in at that time in my life.

It's strange to stumble over lines that have long since become parts of songs I have written.

I also find lines and phrases I previously overlooked or intentionally left alone to find later.

It's a good idea to periodically go back and look over this stuff. Especially when I am in the mood to write a new song and I am need of new ideas.

Even if I don't find something I can use, by freewriting I will still have cleared the way for something else to come along.

Give it a try. It works for me and I bet it will work for you too!

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