Lyric Ideas Are Everywhere!

Do you sometimes find yourself stuck for lyric ideas? Instead of sitting there looking at a blank piece of paper or your computer screen, take a look around you.

There are a million ideas just waiting to be discovered and turned into a new idea. All you have to do is become aware of your surroundings.

Your Life as a Movie

One place you can start is by looking at the events of your own life. Imagine your life as a movie.

See the things that have happened to you, the good and the bad.

Picture your first kiss. Remember? Pay attention to the details. Was it a warm summer night, or a cold rainy October afternoon?

Do you remember the smell of her hair? The light dancing in his eyes? Write down everything you can recall about this moment of your life.

Maybe you moved when you were a kid and had to say goodbye to your best friend. Was she wearing the friendship bracelet you gave her as she waved back? Was she shielding her eyes from the sun? Like a movie, when writing lyrics the magic is in the details.

This is your movie. Now it's your job to write the soundtrack.

Learn to Read the Signs

lyric ideas can often be found on street signs© Kenny1 |

For some interesting and unexpected lyric ideas, take a look at the signs and billboards you come across when you're on the road.

You can find lots of great song titles on those signs.

For instance "Exit Now" or "Wrong Way" could be a song about jumping head-first into a toxic relationship. "One-Way Street" could be about a one-sided friendship that has run it's course because it's all give and no take. 

Take a Walk In Nature

Whenever possible, remove yourself from your familiar surroundings. Go somewhere beautiful and new.

A visit to the seaside is always an inspiration for me. One look at the vast ocean makes me realise (remember) that this is all so much bigger than my little problems.

It's not hard to write an inspirational "Against All Odds" type of song, after surrounding myself with such beauty and abundance.

I also find that just the simple act of being in motion (e.g. walking or driving) is conducive to writing, or being creative in general.

Read the Newspaper

Granted, much of it is bad news.

I try not to get sucked so deeply into the negative stories that they make me feel bad, but I do take a peek at the paper whenever I stumble across one.

I mainly glance at the headlines, many of which can make great song titles. The stories are already there.

All I need to do is internalise and embellish them. Add some visual cues and emotional impact. Make them personal. I have a brand new song idea!

You don't have to be stuck with a blank slate when writing lyrics. Lyric ideas are everywhere! I'm sure you can come up with many more places to look if you put your mind to it.

So get out and about and open up your eyes!

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