Lyric Writing Tips and Techniques

Need some tips to help improve your lyric writing? Here you will find an abundance of ideas and techniques that you can use to take your lyrics to the next level. Let's get creative!

When it comes to songwriting, you're not just writing words, you're painting pictures with them.

In order to connect with your listener emotionally, you must make your lyrics as visual as possible. Check out some of these examples.

Having trouble coming up with anything to write about? Get out of your room and into the world!

Pay attention to what's going on around you and you'll be surprised at the sheer amount of things to write about.

Rhyming is obviously an important part of songwriting, but don't just use rhymes for rhyming's sake. Your lyrics must have a natural flow to them.

One thing I couldn't do without is my thesaurus. I don't generally use it on my first draft, but for rewriting it's always by my side. I can easily find the word with just the right shade of meaning I've been looking for.

Try to write lyrics people can relate to. 

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What I mean is, don't make them them so personal that they're meaningless to everyone else.

When in doubt, always get a second opinion.

Another cool technique is the use of a ghost song. 

Take an existing song and rewrite the lyrics, using the same rhythmic feel. When you're happy with the new direction, write a new melody. Brand new song!

Instead of using the same number of syllables for each line of a verse, try using lines of different lengths to keep things interesting. 

Also, don't feel you must use four lines to a verse.

Try using three or five. Whatever you choose, keep it more or less consistent for each verse.

Simile and metaphor are powerful tools for a writer. Then there is alliteration, consonance and assonance.

These are all clever techniques guaranteed to put some spark into your lyrics.

Try to get comfortable with writing lyrics from the heart. Write about someone or something that means a great deal to you. Chances are others will care too. Some people may have an easier time baring their soul than others. But it's something you can get used to.

These tips will help get you started writing lyrics with emotional impact! Some are easier than others, but all are worth the try.

Play around with some of these lyric writing ideas. Take your time. They are sure to give you some fresh and exciting new ways to look at your songs!

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