Overcoming Writers Block 
Through Routine

Overcoming writers block can seem next to impossible if it's been going on for a while. Establishing a pre-writing routine and allowing yourself to stick to it is one way of loosening up enough to let yourself write again.

Take Back Control

When we're blocked there is always a reason for it.

Maybe our stuff has been rejected one too many times, or we've taken a careless, negative comment to heart.

We're sensitive creatures, and it's easy to let our inner critic get out of control.

Take back control by performing little rituals and affirmations before each writing session.

Getting Ready To Write

We all have things we want to do, or feel we have to do before we write. We may think we're trying to avoid writing when we're really just getting ready to write.

I can't get any writing done if my writing area is messy. Since I do the majority of it at the kitchen table, my area includes the kitchen and the living room.

It doesn't have to be spotless, but I don't like peas on the floor! So I clean it up.

I like my dictionary and thesaurus stacked up on my left, my notebook on my right (with favourite pen), and my laptop in the middle.

must have the Comfy Cushion behind my back, and a soft folded blanket under my bum!

Nice cup of strong English tea, and a cookie for dunking. Followed by a few more.

And the whole time I'm doing this I'm telling myself what a wonderful songwriter I am. Regardless of whether or not anybody else believes it yet, I believe it.

So now I'm happy and ready to write. Whatever routine you have to do, allow yourself to do it gladly. Don't think you "should" be writing instead. You will be.

Tell Yourself How Good You Are

Another potential cure for writers block is to give yourself plenty of praise. Tell yourself how good you are.

Tell yourself you're getting better. Tell everybody else too. If you're writing regularly you are getting better.

I never used to be able to say that to myself.

It took me even longer to be able to say "I'm a songwriter" to anybody else but me.

It comes a lot easier these days.

So say it: "I'm a songwriter!" And again: "I'M A SONGWRITER!" (And a darn good one at that.)

There are many things that may help in overcoming writers block. Find what works for you.

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