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Write a Song

How to Write a Song: Study the Masters 
Song Structure: Basic Elements 
Song Structure: Different Types of Form 
How to Write Songs Like a Pro 
Want to Become a Songwriter? Just Do It! 
Must-Have Songwriting Tools 
More Tips for Writing a Song 
The Songwriting Process: Finding What Works for You 
Beginner Songwriting 101 

Songwriting Tips 

Songwriting Tips That Will Make Your Songs Shine 
Allow Your Songwriting Ideas Silence to Grow 
Songwriting Techniques to Help You Write a Killer Title 
Writing a Song From Inspiration 
The Song Rewrite Is a Critical Step 
How to Make Writing Songs an Everyday Routine 
Write a Song About... 
Free Songwriting Tips for the Beginner Songwriter 
Using Songwriting Hooks to Make Your Songs Unforgettable 
Writing Interesting Chord Progressions for More Interesting Songs 
New Song Ideas and How to Find Them 
The Song Critique and How to Perform Your Own


Lyric Writing Tips and Techniques 
Lyric Ideas Are Everywhere! 
Lyric Writing Tips for Natural-Sounding Lyrics 
Writing Vivid Lyrics Will Make Your Songs Come to Life! 
Writing Lyrics from the Heart 
Writing a Great Song Lyric 
Using a Ghost Song to Spark a New Idea 
Writing Song Lyrics People Can Relate To 
How to Write Song Lyrics That Have Emotional Impact 
A Little Alliteration, Consonance and Assonance 

Writer's Block

Has Writer's Block Stopped You Dead In Your Tracks? 
Freewriting an Effective Cure for Writer's Block 
Overcome Writer's Block By Letting Go of Anxiety 
Overcoming Writer's Block Through Routine 
The Cure for Writer's Block: Go Fly a Kite! 


Melody Writing Tips 
More Melody Writing Tips: The Ghost Song 
Writing Melody from Lyrics 
Writing Music or Writing Lyrics - Which Comes First? 
Write Music That Appeals to Peoples' Emotions 
The Melodic Song Hook 


Home Recording Studio Tips and Recording Techniques 
Recording Tips for Lead Guitar 
Lead Guitar Recording Techniques - Tips to Use During Mixdown 
Guitar Recording Tips 
More Tips for Recording Guitar 
Tips for Recording Vocals - Getting a Good Take 
Easy Recording Techniques to Make Your Demos Shine! 
Recording Acoustic Guitar 


What Is Music Publishing and How Much Should You Know? 
The Music Publisher: Activities and Responsibilities 
Song Copyright and the Copyright Owner 
Music Publishers Need Your Songs! - Make a Good First Impression 
The Standard Single Song Contract - There's No Such Thing As 'Standard' 
Selling Songs with Music Licensing 


Entering a Songwriting Contest 
Best Songwriting Contests 
More Songwriting Competitions You Can Enter 

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