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Songwriting competitions are a great way to get your music out there and listened to, so you should definitely consider entering a couple each year. The entry fee is low, usually between $10 and $30, and you can win some great prizes and receive recognition for all your hard work.

Here are some more songwriting contests for you to consider:
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The Indie International Songwriting Contest

The Indie International Songwriting Contest is a semi-annual songwriting competition to give recognition to some of the best emerging songwriters in the world, help develop their talent, and provide useful tools for developing the success of the artist. The contest officially closes at the 150 song capacity. Over $19,000 in useful prizes awarded!

They are now accepting song entries in the following 5 genres:
Folk/Acoustic Country Rock Pop Instrumental

Songwriters or songwriting teams may enter up to three songs, and can divide these between multiple categories if they wish. $30 (USD)/song for a BASIC ENTRY w/ standard evaluation or add only $10 for a FULL CRITIQUE $40 (USD)/song.


The Bannon Open Songwriting Awards are open to everyone age 18 or older, regardless of songwriting experience level or professional status.

Entry fees for the BOSAs is a flat-rate of $12.50 U.S. per song entered. A single song may be entered into multiple categories, however each entry of a song into a new category is considered a separate entry and the entry fee will be applied.

All songs are judged strictly upon originality, melody, lyrics (when applicable), and overall composition by a panel of judges consisting of songwriters, musicians, and other media-related persons. The performance and production are not considered in the judging, however since the best songs from each category will be showcased to Music Industry Professionals we encourage everyone to send their best efforts.

All prizes awarded to the best songs in each category range from (but are not limited to) Award Plaques or Certificates, books and manuals on the craft of songwriting, gift certificates, cash prizes and other music related items. All prizes are determined by Bannon Productions and are non-negotiable, nor can they be substituted for other prizes, except for availability reasons as determined by Bannon Productions.

We Are Listening

We Are Listening has brought together an exceptional panel of judges for an extraordinary international songwriting competition - The Singer/Songwriter Awards!

Six gifted contest winners will choose from six different prize packages, including an exclusive recording session with producer Steve Williams (Sting, Eric Clapton, Seal) in London, England; one week songwriting retreat in Stockholm, Sweden; television and film placement; 8 week US college and community radio promotion; record mixing and mastering; and CD duplication.

As part of the prize, selected songs will also be non-exclusively represented by We Are Listening and supported through global digital distribution, sync licensing administration and online promotion.

Catering to all genres of music and artists around the world - signed or unsigned - The Singer/Songwriter Awards is your opportunity to get your music heard, promoted and sold.

The Nashville Song Service Lyric Writing Contest

After years of working with lyric writers to help them achieve their songwriting goals, Nashville Song Service is now offering a lyric competition. The lyric contest is open to lyric writers of all ages and skill levels regardless of nationality. Overseas lyrics must be translated to English.

The contest features 7 categories which include - Country / Pop / Rock / R&B / Gospel / Christian / Folk.

This songwriting contest is open to lyrics only. Please do not enter tapes, CD's, or sheet music. Songs under contract by Nashville Song Service are not eligible for this contest.

Grand Prize winner will receive $2000.00 cash, a master recording of their song valued at over $1000.00, a feature on the Nashville Song Service website, and the song promoted to the music industry. 7 category winners will receive $300.00 cash and be featured on the Nashville Song Service website. 10 honorable mentions will be listed on the Nashville Song Service website.

Winners will be selected by an expert panel of music industry judges including record label executives, publishers, and producers from Nashville.

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