Entering A Songwriting Contest

Entering a songwriting contest is not only fun, but also potentially profitable.

Most offer cash prizes, free gear and studio time. There is also the possibility of a publishing deal.

So for the dedicated songwriter, entering a contest is serious business. So you should treat it that way.

Anytime you submit a song to be listened to by anyone, you want to be seen (or heard) in the best possible light. Even if it's just your friends who are listening. Right?

When sending your songs to a music publisher you always put your best song first.

The same goes for songwriting contests.

The larger, established songwriting competitions assemble panels of music industry professionals to act as judges.

These are the same people who sign songs to publishing deals, get them recorded by major artists, and placed in films and TV.

So the same "rules" apply:

  • Read over the submission rules and follow them.
  • Send in your best song.
  • Send your song to the appropriate category.
  • Make sure your CD plays properly before you send it off.
  • Make sure your lyric sheet is typed (not hand-written) and spell-checked.
  • Include contact information on CD and lyric sheet.
  • Send all materials in a protective and easy-to-open package!

Always be sure to make a good impression, because you never know who's hands your song might fall into.

You see, music publishers are always on the lookout for a great song. And industry professionals are very connected; they know a lot of people in the business.

And the winning songs aren't necessarily the only ones that will get signed to publishing deals. Runner-ups have also been known to do great things.

I think it's a good idea to enter a contest or two each year. You could even write a song specifically for that reason.

But treat it like you mean business!

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