Un-needed Distraction

by Randy Hammonds

I'm guilty of this myself and most writers don't even think about it. Turn off the TV, radio and your computer when you're writing. This even helps when you are practicing your instrument.

Un-needed Distraction can kill your vibe. I had to learn the hard way. You're sitting there banging your brain and then in that split second you find that one hook or chorus or refrain that makes your song great! Then Frazier and Niles say something funny on the tube and poof it's gone.

Then you'll get frustrated at yourself and wonder where did it go? Then you'll want to kick yourself in the gluteus that sits on top of your shoulders and hope it jars that one brain cell back from the Un-needed Distraction! - Randy Hammonds

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I agree with Randy!
by: Richie

You are absolutely right Randy! Distractions will kill your new song idea, or at the very least cripple it. That small seed needs your undivided attention in order to blossom into the fully-developed song you intend it to become.

It amazes me when people close to me don't understand that I need to be left alone when I'm writing. It reminds me of that hilarious Monty Python sketch in which Beethoven's wife kept coming in with the vacuum cleaner and questioning him about the most inane things. (High-pitched screech) "Ludwig? Have you seen the sugar bowl? Ludwig (shouting): "No I haven't seen the bloody sugar bowl! Leave me alone!"

We must find a way to eliminate the distractions (vacuum cleaners included) if we wish to be more productive.

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