Writing a Song from Inspiration

Writing a song should be fun and stress free. But do you ever sit down to write a song, only to quit in frustration because you have nothing to write about?

Here are a few tips on songwriting to help you get in the zone and strike while the iron is hot!

1. Read a book.
Forget that you "should" be writing a song, and sit down and read a book. Read something that stirs the imagination. It could be a Stephen King story or a romance novel. Pick something that has lots of visual descriptions, in which it's easy to picture the scene.

After an hour or two (I can happily read for hours!), immediately begin writing down ideas. Visually descriptive ideas. It doesn't have to be anything about the story you just read. The simple fact that your mind is full of rich imagery will almost guarantee you will have lots to say.

You will find that when you have a page full of descriptions it's much easier to write a good song.

2. Meditate.

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This is kind of the opposite of the last tip. Instead of filling your mind with ideas, try clearing the mind. Go to a place where you won't be disturbed for half an hour or so, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Concentrate on your breathing and nothing else. When a thought comes along, gently guide your focus back to your breathing.

If you haven't done this before it takes a little practise getting used to. But if you do it regularly you will emerge in a more peaceful state of mind.

Now you can write without the self-defeating stress of "I've got to write something NOW!" Please take it from me, this can work wonders.

3. Write something every day.
Make it a point to write every day. You don't have to write a song from start to finish. If you can come up with just one line a day you are on the right track.

I used to get frustrated when writing a song that I wasn't finishing it in one or even two sittings. But these days I find myself working on three or four songs at the same time. I might think of a line for one song when I'm working on another.

I've learned to accept that this is just the way I write. And even though it may take me weeks to finish a song, at the end of that time I'll end up with three!

Please check out the many more tips on songwriting you will find within these pages.

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